The first day of the rest of my life.

December 3rd, 2010.  Sometime between 2pm and 3pm.  My very first tonic-clonic seizure*.  A lot of my morning, early afternoon, and emergency room memories of that day are chronologically twisted and lacking cohesion.  When I feel inspired I’ll try and recap what I can remember and what I was filled in on afterwards.  But I can quickly summarize the whole thing by sharing that at the moment the seizure took over my concious will…it seemed more like the last day of the rest of my life.  But as fate would have it I had already been admitted to the ER.  And thats a fortunate place to already be when some superbad juju comes crashing down.

“We live to play another day.” – Farmer Fran

*Tonic-clonic seizures were formerly known as “gran mal” or “grand mal” seizures.