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A Hairy Haiku

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Hair is falling out.
Big tangles on my pillow.
Might need a mohawk.

It’s Coffee and Chemo Hour!

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

After a three day weekend it’s now back to the daily routine.  I was able to make my way over to Framingham to attend the Joe Val Bluegrass Festival and spend some time with some good friends.  Unfortunately I didn’t catch much of the main stage performers due to just simply being tired.  But with any Bluegrass event, all you really need to do is walk ten or twenty feet and there a handful of pickers just jamming right there in the hallways of the hotel.

I continue to be grateful for the support that just keeps coming.  It’s fuels my power packs and maintains my motivation, determination, and resolve. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that this conflict between me and Tawd is not a battle at all.  Tawd doesn’t know any better.  He’s just doing his job.  What he was designed, for whatever reason, to do.  It doesn’t even matter why.  All that really matters is that I’d very much like the the space he’s occupying back to myself.  So instead of a battle, its more like convincing this unwanted thing that it’s cozy place just isn’t cozy any longer.  I wish he had somewhere else to go…like a halfway house for unwanted brain tumors where he could learn new skills and lead a productive existence. But his only option is an early demise…and the grim reaper of brain tumors has Tawd on the list.

It’s now the Coffee and Chemo hour.  I have on some sweet ukulele music.  Not so much the generally familiar Hawiian type, but more diverse and textured that that.  I’d like to have a ukulele.  It’s such a happy instument.  It’d be a real challenge to play a bummer song on a ukulele.  Think about it.

Ready for the day.  Peace and love,


Ten proton sessions down…

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

…twenty radiation sessions to go.  I feel pretty great considering what happens to be the reality of things.  I may have already posted this, but I am in the best shape of my adult life.  Ya know…except for that one little thing.  

My stats today: 195 pounds.  120 over 75 with a 72 pulse rate.  
Let’s compare to two years ago.  255 pounds.  150 over 110.  90+ pulse rate. 

“Check my pulse.  It don’t change.  Stays 72, come shine or rain.”

The cosmos must have known to send me some sort of signal to start getting my shite together because I had a battle coming my way.  Had I still been in the shape I had been two years ago, I don’t know if I would have survived my 5 days in the ICU when this thing all went down.

So after almost two weeks of proton radiation and chemotherapy, I can say *most* days I wake up feeling quite ok.  That 5am on the treadmill is a wonderful thing.  It’s quiet in the gym. Usually just me.  I get caught up on my entertainment celebrity news.  Which I have found seems to be the same celebrities every day with pretty much the same sort of situations they always have.  It’s amusing, but a little sad too.

I try to balance my celeb news with some CNN…but that seems also to be the same story every day with the same problems concerning the same people.  Hmm.  Gonna give that strange parallel some analysis when I find some time.

Took the kiddos to the Boston Children Museum yesterday…yes, you might say they had a good time.  And when we got back to our temporary abode, they slept.  Nice. A nice “perk”, if you wanna call it that, is that people in my condition can get comp passes to many of the Boston attractions from the Cancer Center at Mass General. So we’ve been able to do the Museum of Science and the Children’s Museum. I was able to take Cooper to the Charles Planetarium today, which blew his mind. Mine too, with just a bit of unfortunate nausea when the planets and moons and billions and billions of stars went swirling around the place.

A continued THANK YOU to all those following along, all those sending good vibes, all those sending cards and creations, and those helping with the support fund.  It’s all of this that helps so much knowing how many folks care, and care enough to let me know.  So to my family, neighbors, friends both old and new, and other supporters, you all TOTALLY ROCK!  

From the Cancer Resource Room at Mass General, with love and respect and peace to you all,