The final frontier — 10/17/68 – 5/12/12

To our friends and family,

Rob made the transition to the final frontier this morning.

Since Thursday, Rob has been surrounded by friends and family and was never alone. He was stroked and hugged and kissed and spooned and I hope his final days on earth were everything he would have wanted.

 With love – Kasey, Coop & Sadie



The Jedi Code

There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.

There is no death, there is the Force.



64 Responses to “The final frontier — 10/17/68 – 5/12/12”

  1. Dawn Sharpe Truett Says:

    I’m so sorry. Kasey, you are so brave and loving. Thoughts and prayers go out to you, Coop, Sadie and the rest of Rob’s family. May he rest in peace.

  2. Dawn Collins APSHS '87 Says:

    So sorry for your loss. May Rob rest in peace.

  3. Zoltan Says:

    I am crying for our loss. Peace my friend, I will miss you.
    Casey, may oyu find the strength to carry on and raise his legacy as he would have wanted them to be: beautiful children.

  4. craig Says:


    I love you man. Jesus Christ I don’t know what to say Jim and Barbara I love you guys.

  5. fred Says:

    Oh, so sad Kasey. Our hearts go out to you, Cooper and Sadie.

  6. Ronny Turton Colache Says:

    Peace be with you all…..

  7. Ronny Turton Colache Says:

    Peace be with you all….

  8. Nicole Baker Says:

    Im so sorry for your loss. Rob was a great guy! So saddened to hear that he and his family went thru this. God bless you and rest in peace Rob

  9. Jaclyn Vickery Says:

    Rob was so special and I’m so thankful to have such awesome memories of times spent with him your family all together. I’ll never forget the night Rob told us the story of your first years together. You two clearly had something very special, and Sadie and Coop were so lucky to have such a cool dad. Kasey, I am in awe and admiration of your incredible grace and strength throughout this. All of my thoughts and love are with your family.

  10. Steve & Bette Says:

    Kasey, Coop and Sadie,

    I am so sorry for your loss, it is our loss too. Rob was such an incredible spirit and I feel privileged to have known him and to have been inspired by him. We always had a good time talking about our radio stations or some computer project we were working on but, as it should be, his focus was always on the three of you. You were his life and I always admired how seriously he took that responsibility.

    I’m grateful for the time Bette and I shared with Rob and with the three of you. It’s been a difficult journey for you all and Rob’s journey is at an end now. Yours continues. Your friends and family are all here for you.

    Thank you for letting us know, you all are in our thoughts and prayers.

  11. Rebecca Says:

    Oh Kasey….. There are no words. Our prayers go out to you guys.

  12. Sheila Poettgen Says:

    I am so sorry Kasey. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  13. Sootty Biskit Says:

    Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force…Yoda

  14. Sootty Biskit Says:

    For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Rob’s energy surrounds us and binds us. A LUMINOUS BEING WAS HE!

  15. Darrell Barrett Says:

    I only knew Rob as a 3 and 4 year old. His brother Jimmy was my best friend in 1973-4 when they lived in Gardena, California.

    Rob was a rascal back then and very annoying to his older brother. Those were the rules. Life was great.

    I found Rob and his Mom and Dad on FB in 2009. He of course didn’t remember me but was gracious as he explained how his brother, my friend had passed at 20 years of age in a car accident. Barbara corresponded with me a couple times to catch up as you do on FB.

    She contacted me early 2011 to let me know of Rob’s situation and suggested I subscribe to the blog. I’ve been a faithful reader from day one. I had no frame of reference or actual friendship with Rob but took strength and inspiration from his fight. Who could have a bad day or pity themselves when you knew what he was going through.

    I am so sad to hear of this news. From what I’ve read he was quite a guy, father,husband and friend. I can’t imagine the pain all who were close to him are feeling. I hate that Barbara and Jim have had to lose two children.

    Kasey, Coop and Sadie, I don’t know you nor you me. I wish you all the best. It seems you have a great support system. That’s a testament to the kind of people you seem to be.

    Darrell Barrett

  16. Michelle Dion Says:

    Kasey, Cooper, Sadie,

    I am so sorry for your loss. Rob was a terrific father and a great man. When I first met your family and little miss Sadie, I felt blessed to be Sadie’s teacher.

    If you come back to this area I would love to meet up with you again.

    Love, Michelle

  17. Jay Currier Says:

    Oh man brother… we love you all! R.I.P. my friend… We were going to plan a trip to come see you all to hang out in our camper we bought last year even if it was in your driveway… just like we did in your guy’s camper. Rob, I know you loved having your camper so we wanted to swing over really soon to hang out like good old times! I’ve been working hard on it trying to get it ready ASAP hoping to not miss spending time with you and the family before you headed to the final frontier! Don’t worry my friend we’ll continue to do so… Kasey, Coop & Sadie… we love you guys deeply!!! Coop, our son Will says hi and he said to tell you he looks forward to hanging out with you in the bunks on the camper and playing with you and Sadie in his big “Blast Zone” air blown bouncy house! Kasey, we love you very much! Please get in touch with me when things settle down for you and the family. We would love to get together with you and the kids.

    Jay & family

  18. Annie Says:

    The best thing about you guys is that you do it right. …ALL OF IT.
    I’m so glad that Rob lived well. He knew how to prioritize to have a very VERY rich life.
    Kasey, you beautiful girl…I know he’ll always be with you.
    You are so strong and amazing.
    I know you know that deep love surrounds you all…ALWAYS.
    Sending mine straight to you, Coop & Sadie.

  19. Todd and Susan Says:

    We are so sorry and sad to hear about this Kasey. We are sure the strength you have demonstrated will continue and you will come out the other side of all this with grace. You are simply amazing. Rob will always be with us. It was the untimely deaths of our fathers that led Susan and I to living aboard a sailboat and challenging the world. And that is how we met you and Rob. The recent passing of another friend we made while cruising, and now Rob, is sharpening our vision once again. We are more clearly seeing our priorities. We are once again understanding more concretely the truth that life is short. This is all leading to something for us, and we will keep you informed on how the courage you and Rob have demonstrated has inspired us. Thanks for being such an amazing example of love and strength, and for keeping us informed. Thanks for being you. We are so sorry for all you have had to go through. We will meet your kids, and we will stay connected. With love, Todd and Susan.

  20. Colleen Scarola Says:

    Kasey, Coop, and Sadie:

    We’re so sorry for your loss. What a treat it was to know Rob for the short time we were blessed with his IT talents and wonderful sense of humor. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Colleen, James, Stella, and Ronan

  21. Bob Trainor Says:

    My thoughts and love go out to you kasey and the kids. Rest in Peace and till we meet again Rob!! You my dear sir…where my very best friend! We shared some special times for many years. Through your many moves and adventures..we never lost touch. So many shows and fests. You showed me life experiences that I carried with me for 20 plus years. I will miss you buddy!!! But …hold a nice seat for me in the cosmos…as I will see u there for our final show.

  22. Cheryl Palmer Says:

    We are so very sorry for your loss Kasey. I wish I could’ve spent more time with Rob in our grown up years. I have many happy memories of visiting with Rob and Jimmy (and the rest of the family) when I was little. I will keep you and your children in my thoughts and prayers during this terribly difficult time. Take care.

    Cheryl, Dave & Veronica Palmer
    Ojai, CA

  23. Nancy Says:

    Rob touched everyone that he met with his humor, compassion and kindness. I feel lucky to have met him. Every time I look at the “Certificate of Awesomeness” that he gave us at work signed by him and Bill Gates, I smile. Love to you and the little ones.

  24. Mark Says:

    Rob was one of those individuals that you meet in life and never forget. Although we were coworkers, our relationship seemed so much more deeper than that. His love of life and family was unlimited. I remember when he made the decision to move to Vermont he was SO very full of hope and promise for living a life in a way that he and Kasey had dreamed of. All I can say is, “Rest peacefully now.” We all will miss you. You made my life better for being a part of it.

    Kasey – my love and prayers go to you and the boys.

  25. Jules Says:

    Rob was loved and loved well. Our hearts are with you and the family Kasey.



  26. Susan Boyce Says:

    Kasey, words cannot express the respect and admiration I had for Rob. We worked together at MBNA for many years and he tought me more than anyone else I ever worked for. His amazing spirit and love for life were always contagious. I know he loved you dearly and we are all better people for having known him. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    God looked around his garden
    And found an empty place,
    He then looked down upon the earth
    And saw your tired face.
    He put his arms around you
    And lifted you to rest.
    God’s garden must be beautiful
    He always takes the best.
    He knew that you were suffering
    He knew you were in pain.
    He knew that you would never
    Get well on earth again.
    He saw the road was getting rough
    And the hills were hard to climb.
    So he closed your weary eyelids
    And whispered, ‘Peace be thine’.
    It broke our hearts to lose you
    But you didn’t go alone,
    For part of us went with you
    The day God called you home.

  27. Nancy Says:

    Kasey, Coop and Sadie,
    When you hold someone in your heart, they are not gone away,
    They are always with you.
    Every time you think of them, they hear you.
    Like the moon and stars and sun, they are always there.

    Mt deepest sympathies to Rob’s family.
    He will be remembered by so many people
    He will be missed

  28. Terri erianne Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. My prayers are with your family. I think of Jim often now he is with Rob in heaven.

  29. Jessie Says:

    Kasey, Coop and Sadie –

    Thoughts are with you all. I feel so lucky to have known Rob, even for a short a while. What a fantastic family – you are all so strong and I know you’ll get through this tough time.

    As always, here for you if you need anything!


  30. Kevin Hayes Says:

    Sometimes we wonder if the lives we lead have any affect on anyone, outside of our own circles. My friend Rob had a profound effect on me, and in turn all of those I care for deeply. In 2006, I applied for a job for which Rob was the hiring manager. We spoke briefly on the phone at first, then got together for a face-to-face interview. The position I applied for was over my head at the time, in fact, I think Rob knew I had little or none of the skills that were required for the position, but we had an instant personal connection, which I still believe to this day was the catalyst for my entire career. Rob hired me me anyway, and we developed a strong professional and personal relationship through the first couple of years we worked together. Rob and I had a special bond, that was far beyond the trivialities and tribulations of the American workplace. In this, I found inspiration, and more importantly, a sense of self reassured by the fact that these personal bonds still exist in human beings; it wasn’t lost, as I had convinced myself (rather cynically) before.

    Rob, thanks man. Your impact on me has been immeasurable, and I can’t thank you enough. Until we meet again, my friend….

  31. Jim Harding Says:


    You were a great friend and always in my thoughts even when we weren’t staying in touch on a regular basis. I will never forget the jam sessions we had at the house, your great sense of humor, and your mentorship to a budding IT guy. My life is what it is today because you gave me a chance in a career that I never even dreamed I’d have. You will be missed greatly.

    Kasey, Coop, and Sadie,

    Sending love, hugs, thoughts, prayers for comfort, and offers of support in whatever way we can – please feel free to ask.

    The Hardings

  32. Lisa Says:

    Kasey, Coop, and Sadie’s may the wonderful memories of Rob heal your hearts and sadness. He was blessed to have you all in his life, as well as him in yours. Sending prayers of comfort to you all.

  33. Vanessa Says:


    I first met you in 1994. Gino and I had just started dating. You had just found out about the Appalachian Trail and invited us along. You had read the guidebooks, reviewed the maps, knew about dehydrated food and packed only the essentials. We excitedly bought/borrowed packs, a tent, hiking boots, and cans of Dinty Moore beef stew (sad, but true).

    We followed you into the hills of southeastern Pennsylvania for four of the best days of my young life. Man, we rocked. I had not a clue what I was doing. All I knew is that I had just met a guy I really liked and he had this really cool friend who wasn’t afraid to try anything. Your easy confidence in tackling something new and unknown was new to me. I found it very refreshing and inspiring.

    After that you took on other adventures, for work and play. I have always admired the way you chose to live life: as a really cool adventure. I will miss you.

    Kasey, Coop & Sadie,

    Kasey, I’m so glad that you and Rob found each other. So glad that you two had the time together that you did. You two did so many crazy, life-affirming things together. I was always in awe when I’d get news that you two were driving ‘cross country or living in Hawaii or up and moving to VT or…. The list goes on. I’m so glad you two created Coop and Sadie. They are awesome spirits–a perfect combination of you and Rob. May the force be with them, too. You have shown such grace through all of this. But we are here, for anything. Please let us know how we can help.

    To Barbara & Jim,

    As you know, Gino and I made it through that AT adventure, got married and over the years had three really cool kids. As a parent, I can only begin to imagine your grief at losing both of your children. May you find comfort in your wonderful memories of your sons. Rob leaving so soon is such a loss to all of us who knew him.

    To all of you,

    I’m so sorry that you have to experience any of this. But it would be even sadder had none of it happened. We all would have missed out on the wonderful human spirit that was Rob. My heart aches for you. Let us know how we can help.

    Peace & love,
    Vanessa, Gino, Mitchell, Mason & Ritter

  34. Jill O Says:

    My thoughts are with all of you at this time. Rob will be missed by so many of us.

  35. Diane Stevens (Parrow) Says:

    Finally Rob is at peace. I miss you both and wish more strength than you know you have in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. Love you! Hugs..

  36. Liz Moore Says:

    Our hearts are breaking for your sad, sad loss. May the love you shared give you the peace and strength to continue living your life with the joy and love that have made you all such a beautiful family. Beth and I are thinking of you, and you all are, as always ,in our thoughts and prayers.

  37. Tisha Ternay Says:

    Goodbye old friend, you were my brother when my brother wasn’t able to be there for me. You looked out for me and took my mind to places that I never knew existed! You, me and Rob Mc had many, many adventures that I will cherish always.

    Kasey, I am so happy Rob found you and you guys made such a beautiful life and family, he so deserved the happiness he found in you. I am very, very sorry for your loss. You, your children and Rob’s parents are in my family’s thoughts and prayers.

  38. Sarah Janesik Says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. May Rob rest in peace. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  39. Heather Condon Smith Says:

    Hi Kasey,

    I’m sorry to hear about Rob. My thought and prayers are with you all.

    Heather and Jim Smith

  40. Amy Patenaude Says:

    Kasey, Coop and Sadie,

    I’m sad to hear that Rob has “transitioned to the final frontier”. I so enjoyed working with both of you and really enjoyed Rob’s sense of humor the short time I knew both of you.

    I don’t know what else to say except I’ll be praying for your family.

    Amy P.

  41. Karl Goetze Says:

    I’m thinking of you all and Rob’s brave, inspirational fight


  42. mark mcelroy Says:

    i am so sorry to hear the news of robs passing. he fought the fight. may the pain in your hearts from his loss be filled with memories of good times,

  43. Mark L Says:

    My heart is heavy with our loss.
    May god continue to bless those Rob left behind, he will not be forgotten.

  44. Kim Vickery Says:

    Kasey, Coop & Sadie –
    Although we were 45 minutes too late to see Rob one last time, we are so glad we were there with you to share your loss and celebrate his wonderful life with fun stories and remembrances. It was priceless to us and so comforting to be with you all.
    We feel so fortunate to have known Rob and am so glad he’s no longer feeling any pain. Although his life was too short, it was very enriched and full. You are such a loving family and we know you were the light of his life. May he always be with you in spirit.
    Loads of love to you all.

    Kim & Scott

  45. Patty Blankenship Says:

    Kasey, Coop and Sadie,

    Much love is coming your way. Please know that the community of Pond Cove will help to support through your loss. I feel honored to have met Rob and been given a glimpse into what a wonderful person he was.

    My prayers, love and support remain with you all, Patty

  46. Justin F Says:

    Kasey, Coop and Sadie,
    I have personally never met you or your children. I met and worked with Rob while he was at SymQuest. He bailed me and probably hundreds of others out of a huge technology jam that I was in. He was calm, cool and collected when I was wound up about something not working and nobody else understood what I was looking to do. Rob calmly said I know what you are looking to do and I will take care of it. Needless to say it was done within a day.
    My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. Rest assured that Rob touched and helped a lot of people.

  47. Janice Dawley Says:

    I am sorry that I was able to know Rob for such a brief time. He was a great person, and a true science fiction nerd. You all have my admiration and sympathy for facing a hard, hard situation with such strength, humor and love. Rob will live on in all our memories.

    Love from another nerd,

  48. Aunt Mary Ellen and Uncle Paul Says:

    Dear Kasey, Cooper and Sadie,
    We are very sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all the time. Peace be with you all. Aunt Mary Ellen and Uncle Paul

  49. Tony Gruszczynski Says:

    Dear Kasey, Coop & Sadie,

    I am sad to hear of the loss of our dear Robbie. He was a great playmate when we were kids- always curious about everything and a sly wit about him. I can’t tell you how many train wrecks we staged in my basement.

    I know he must have been in a lot of pain and frustrated that he couldn’t do the things he wanted to. In memory of him, I am listening to The Doors. I know he loved Jim Morrison- Coop’s middle name!

    I will keep all of you in my prayers and cherish the memories I have of my cousin.

    Peace and love,

    Your cousin, Tony

  50. Linda Gibson Says:

    We were so fortunate to have Rob with us, even if for such a short time. He was an inspiration. He carried his burden with grace, courage, reflection, and true humanity. Kasey, you and your family surrounded him with love and peace during this journey. I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.


  51. Andy Gagner Says:

    Rob’s decision to hire me was a catalyst for so many things; moving to Vermont, starting a new career, meeting my wife, purchasing a home here.. it goes on and on… and none of that would have been possible without him taking a chance on a guy who had barely a year in the industry at the time.

    Thanks so much Rob, peace to you and your family.

  52. Jason Hoyt Says:

    Rob was a great guy and will be missed. His courage in the face of all of this doubtless gave others strength and inspiration. It took courage for Rob to overcome and face all of the things he did. Kasey, Coop and Sadie be strong and be proud. I know all of this is incredibly hard and I pray for peace and strength for all of you and the rest of Rob’s family and close friends.

    I’ll miss you Rob.

  53. Rick Reuling Says:

    I’m deeply saddened to hear this. My thoughts and condolences with you Kasey, and the rest of the family. He will be missed, and I’m grateful to have had the pleasure of his friendship and tutelage. With heartfelt sympathies.

    -Rick Reuling

  54. Dave Woodside Says:

    So sorry to hear this. Rob’s spirit was strong, his mind was smart and his heart belonged to you and the kids. I should hope to live half the life that Rob stuffed into his 43.5 years. His adventurous life and nature was an inspiration to many of us.

    One of our co-workers at Info Systems/MTM sent me this picture of Rob and Coop from a Halloween party. Rob was like universally and if there is anything that we can do to help you and the kids or a charity that we can help to honor Rob, please let us know.

  55. Steve O'Malley Says:

    Hi Kasey,
    My heart goes out to you and your kids. Be well.

  56. Lynn Banach Says:

    Kasey, Coop & Sadie,

    I’m so sorry for your loss. You all persevered with such strengh and courage through this journey that became your life. May you know in your time of sorrow that you are not alone. May you feel the love of all your friends helping you through this terrible time. It was a pleasure to know him for the brief time that I did. You are all in my thoughts. Rest in peace Rob.

  57. Marcia Gruszczynski Says:

    Kasey, Cooper, Sadie, Barb and Jim,

    We are Deeply saddened by Rob’s dying. I kept hoping for a miracle. But that wasn’t to be. From all of the accolades we have read, we can see Rob’s life was inspiring, fun, adventurous, and loving. He lived many lives and touched many lives. I remember the times at his parents’ house when he liked to tinker with electronics, and later we would hear of his adventures before you married and then before you began your family. your love for him made him grow and become the man we would meet after your wedding. WE will pray for you and your family and will add Rob to my own heavenly angels along with his brother, Jimmy. Take care of yourself and Sadie and Cooper. Love, Hugs, Peace. Marcia & Tony.

  58. Debbie Boroyan Says:

    Dear Kasey,

    My heart goes out to you, Cooper and Sadie. Please know you are in our hearts and prayers and are just a phone call away. God Bless. Always Debbie

  59. Beau Devillier Says:

    Kasey and Family-

    We didn’t know each other long or well, but Rob and his way of living always inspired me. I tell you guy’s travel stories frequently, and I’m sure I’ve embellished them over the years. It’s a model for enjoying your life and living while you are here. I always admired you guys for it. I’m so sorry for your loss to this terrible disease, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your children.


  60. Jayla Boire Says:

    Dear Kasey & Kids,

    My heart went heavy and my mind dark at the moment that my dear Annie D told me the news and pointed me to the blog last night. It is a joy to know you–and Rob was a bright spot at work and in life as I worked out some cool stuff with him at Info Sys, spent time with you both at parties (Halloween at Annie’s) and social events. His imprint is forever on the lives of all of those he touched, his soul on the wind of our dreams, and his light in our hearts. Love love love to you, and to those closest of family and friends surrounding him during this battle. I am grateful to have known him! Peace to you!


  61. Christian Gingras Says:

    Kasey and kids,

    I’m so sorry to hear this news. I worked with Rob for many years at Info Systems. He was a great person who I genuinely enjoyed being around. Rob I connected a few times during his fight with his brain tumor. While our talks were brief he always seemed so be positive handling things with such bravery. I lost my oldest brother to a brain tumor so this really hits home for me. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I feel lucky to have known Rob.

    Christian Gingras

  62. Bryan Ternay Says:

    Rob was the free spirit I wish I had the courage to be. He lived life to the fullest and showed me it was ok to up-root and go with the flow. Thank you Rob for taking care of Tisha and showing her the way of the Jedi. We had some great times, like hanging Mark H upside down at the AP Schalick stadium press box and listening to Led Zepp in your bad ass Camaro. You and Jim were taken too soon and will forever be missed. Jim Sr and Barbara have gone through so much and I cant even begin to feel their pain and loss, I am so sorry and hope to see you both in the near future. Im sure Kasey and the kids will cherish all that Rob has shared with them, like I said he was taken too soon, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Rob is my hero.

  63. Greg Says:

    Kasey, Cooper, Sadie – I am so sad and sorry for your loss. Rob was such an amazing man, husband, father and friend. He taught me that life is short, sweet, and to be treasured every moment of every day. I’m truly heartbroken for your loss, and wish you the best going forward.

    Rob – We came from completely different backgrounds – you with the crazy dancing bears and me from the military. For whatever the reason though, we hit it off well and were a great match to work together. We both had a lot of experience in different areas of life, and I can say that I learned so much from you. I hope that you were able to do the same from me, because I truly treasure what I was able to gain. I wish that we had made that kayaking trip , but am still grateful for the time that we did spend together. It makes me realize, that no matter what you think – time is ALWAYS short and to make the most of each moment that you have. Thank you so much for what you have taught me and left me with. Love you man.

  64. Sootty Biskit Says:


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